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IMproSolutionsTM Interactive Speaking Series featuring Scott Topper INTERACTIVE SPEAKING SERIES DVD 1 The Secrets of Successful Speech Making: Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking Perfect for the first-time presenter. Discover proven techniques for improving your presentation skills, and develop the tools you need to deliver a powerful speech. Progress to the next level by learning how to deliver even more effective, successful presentations. Improve speaking skills with this confident speaking course. IMproSolutionsTM is one of the most cutting edge speaking courses available online today. Whether you are looking to overcome public speaking fear, or increase your speaking skill at public speaking events, this is one of the only presentation skills training courses designed specifically to transform you into a confident, all-star presenter. Overcoming public speaking fear is 100% possible! This unique speaking and presentation skills course will dramatically improve your ability to handle public speaking presentations. Since 1999, IMproSolutionsTM has been empowering individuals with presentation skills courses that are complete with the tools and knowledge they need to banish their public speaking fears forever! If you want to learn how to be more authentic in front of an audience, this is one of the best courses in public speaking available today. Want speaking confidence? Update your speaking skills now. Get the promotion you deserve. We can take away your public speaking pain and problems. Say goodbye to your anxiety and worries. Our course is the solution you’ve been searching for! If you have a problem public speaking and need results now, than this course is right for you. Resolve speaking anxiety. Become a confident presenter. Your career advancement starts today! Be recognized as first among your peers. Be successful now!

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5.0 out of 5 stars


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5.0 out of 5 stars Super Helpful Public Speaking Course! January 7, 2013
By ange
Amazon Verified Purchase
I was looking for a public speaking training course to improve speaking skills that I have had challanges with in the past. I was thrilled to discover “The Secrets of Successful Speech Making” DVD as it was created for a first time presenter like myself. I learned so much from this public speaking DVD and the 24 page workbook. The instructor Scott Topper helped me to learn quickly and easily and I was able to apply his methods with a little practice. Due to my job, I need to speak in front of groups constantly, and this confident speaking course product has helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking. My presentations have improved so much, my confidence level has risen, and my audience enjoys listening to me. One of my co-workers even asked me where I learned how to speak in public because he was impressed with my speech. Even though I completed the workbook and watched the DVD, I like to review both from time to time. This helps me to feel even more confident when I step up to the microphone to make a speech. This is a very helpful course and I am now a confident presenter when I give a speech in front of an audience.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best product Ever! Helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking. December 26, 2012
By Tina Perez
Amazon Verified Purchase
This dvd and workbook really helped me to improve my speaking skills. I learned how to speak in public with confidence at work. This product has a twenty four page workbook and a one hour dvd so I could stop and start and learn at my own pace. Thanks so much.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing DVD for Public Speaking October 24, 2010
By Sales Elite
I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone in Sales as it has increase my revenue since utilizing the tips provided. Very straight forward, this DVD has transformed the way I present in sales meetings. Worth the upfront costs and you will notice improvements immediately. Buy it now!


Speech Fear Symptoms

Speech Fear Symptoms Shortness Of Breath or Smothering Sensation
Speech Fear Symptoms Palpitations, Pounding Heart, or Accelerated Heart Rate
Speech Fear Symptoms Chest Pain Or Discomfort
Speech Fear Symptoms Trembling Or Shaking
Speech Fear Symptoms Feeling Of Choking
Speech Fear Symptoms Sweating
Speech Fear Symptoms Feeling Unsteady, Dizzy, Lightheaded, Or Faint

Corporate Public Speaking was created by former and long time public speaking fear sufferers and is dedicated to the millions of business people who experience Stage Fright and public speaking fear related symptoms. We are a free resource for those searching for information on how to cure public speaking fear and become fearless presenters.

We know that there is enormous benefits that come with success in front of an audience. If you are like most people, the benefits provide even greater motivation to overcome your fear, channel your nerves, and learn to become an effective speaker. So what motivates you? Professional success, raises, promotions, higher status? Sure. The audience’s appreciation, admiration, applause? Why not? All of these extrinsic rewards become possible with, and often depend upon, your success in public speaking.

How about intrinsic rewards, the rewards that are not given to you by others from the outside, but that come from the public speaking itself. Are you motivated to do a good job? Do you want to accomplish your purpose—make a sale, motivate employees? Research shows, in fact, that people are more motivated, especially for the long haul, not by money, accolades, and status, but by intrinsic rewards.

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Cure Public Speaking Fear

“You must be able to speak at professional meetings and articulate strategy to earn a higher salary and attain corporate success!” – Scott Topper, Three-time Emmy Nominated TV Show Host and Public-Speaking Expert

Excellent public speaking skills are essential to your career advancement when climbing the corporate ladder.

Cure Speaking Fear

Want a downloadable public-speaking basics communication skills course that’s perfect for the first-time presenter right now for just $27.00?

Learn the fundamentals of public speaking and make oral presentations without fear. Discover the secrets of successful speech making and present with confidence quickly & easily. This course is designed for those seeking personal development & educational training to learn how to speak in public.

If you are experiencing speaking anxiety our public speaking course is the answer. We’ll take away your public speaking problems quickly and easily. Rid yourself of public speaking fear today. Get relief and gain confidence.

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