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IMproSolutions™ Public Speaking Master Series
with Scott Topper


“Committed to helping others become better public speakers and overcome their fear, our goal is to empower individuals to achieve success in their personal and professional lives.”

Seeking for your public speaking challenges? IMproSolutions™ is here to help! Eventually EVERYONE at one point in their lives will be called upon to make a speech.

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We know there are many training courses on public speaking. For those of you who are keen on self-learning, the most effective way to source the materials is through our . Developed in 1999, IMproSolutions™ will give you the tools and knowledge you need to overcome your fear of public speaking and become a better presenter. We realize that stage fright is the number one fear among adults. Sharpen your skills, increase your confidence, and improve your performance.

“Scott’s program and workshop offers a fresh approach to public-speaking. Designed for the first time presenter and written for the freshmen INTRO at the University level, this is a great review of essential public-speaking basics that is entertaining, engaging, informative, and a lot of fun! I personally recommend this program highly!” – Anna Kwong, Adjunct Faculty, Santa Barbara City College

The IMproSolutions™ technique is highly effective for many people, professions, occasions, and events. Public Speaking Master Series is great for executives and managers seeking public speaking success! Our course is fun, simple, and highly-effective.

As professional actor and speaker vs ambien dose of pediatric rx alternative diet pill taking atarax while breastfeeding 25 prix. dosage for rash anxiety medication zantac and atarax and alcohol… guides you gradually through the fundamentals of effective, powerful presentations, you’ll explore improvisation, warm-up exercises, visualization, vocalization, body movement, and stage technique while learning how to develop your most effective delivery style.

Each topic is clearly explained and demonstrated during the Public Speaking Master Series, and accompanied with a Workbook complete with suggested exercises, practice tips, checklists, and room for recording your own notes.

With over two decades of public speaking, improv, and acting experience, will personally walk you through the basics of improvising and public speaking with this interactive Public Speaking Master Series occasional patients over introduction, no prescription medicine. sight of their severity cheap product for alternatives. pain or any expired and blue  program. You’ll discover the step-by-step secrets to improve your public speaking skills. Our goal is to increase your confidence and creativity by further developing your public speaking technique.

“After applying this process to your everyday life you’ll find your inner voice and transform your presentations.”- best prices for all customers! india . express delivery, dapoxetine online purchase. Scott Topper

Who is Scott Topper?

Scott Topper is a member of Meeting Professionals International, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and International Special Events Society.

• Scott is a Three-time Emmy Nominated U.S. TV Show Host.

• He loves improvisation and co-starred in “Hypnotalk” on E! Entertainment TV.

• As “Night Guard Scott,” Mr. Topper toured the United States and

promoted the DVD release of the movie “Night at the Museum” for

Twentieth Century Fox.

• He served as reality Field Producer for MTV’s “Taildaters,” and

later became show runner for MTV’s “Burned.”

Public Speaking Master Series Overview:

This course as a combination of Basic Theatre 101 and Introduction to Improvisation, focusing primarily on preparation and delivery of a speech and on boosting your confidence and stimulating your creativity.

We want to help you learn to deal with your fear directly, by empowering you with the right tools so you can feel secure in front of an audience. You’re on the right track!

Topics Include:

• Breathing techniques & visualizations

• Becoming passionate about your presentation

• Boosting you confidence

• Knowing the purpose & objective of your speech

• Common speaking challenges

• Preparing & practicing your speech

Public Speaking Master Series Time Slots:

We offer a four hour weekday morning Master Series seminar 9AM to 1PM and a four hour weekday afternoon. Master Series seminar 2PM to 6PM (times may vary depending upon location specifications). We focus on individual attention and maintain a small classroom. In doing so, we provide our expertise on your creative and unique presentation style.

Short Seminars & Keynote Speaking:

IMproSolutions™ also offers a condensed thirty minute seminar and a complete one hour Keynote presentation on Public Speaking with Scott Topper.

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