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by Scott Topper with Patrick McHugh, Ph.D.
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Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking!

Retail Price: $19.95
This is a must read book. Stage fright, also known as public-speaking anxiety, or performance anxiety, is the number-one fear among adults. This practical, self-help manuscript for young people and adults provides readers with the tools and strategies necessary to becoming a better presenter. Sharpen your skills, increase your confidence, and improve your performance. Eventually you will be asked to make a speech, whether it’s a wedding-day toast, accepting an award, or a business presentation. People judge us and the companies we represent on how we present ourselves. This book is filled with helpful secrets and insights into the public-speaking challenges that trouble the novice speaker. Complete with a contemporary approach, the reader is encouraged to step up to the microphone and deliver a compelling speech with confidence.

by Scott Topper

Embrace Your Public-Speaking Destiny!

Retail Price: $14.95
Many people tremble at the thought of speaking in public. This invaluable book about public-speaking basics is filled with practical information, examples, and exercises to counter those fears. Not only does it aim to inspire and educate, but it will also provide you with the specific skills you need to resolve successfully your own public-speaking challenges.

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For over 40 years, Jack Canfield has been training and coaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life (of all ages, cultures and backgrounds) to create the life they desire.

As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, he’s personally taught millions of individuals his modernized formulas for success and is an internationally recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies. His company, The Canfield Training Group, is a training organization dedicated to maximizing the human potential of individuals around the world.

Jack is the author and co-author of more than 150 books (66 are bestsellers) with more than 100 million copies in print in 47 languages around the world. His bestselling book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be has been hailed as the new self-improvement classic, containing 64 of the most powerful secrets to success known to mankind.

Here are some of his great products:

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America’s #1 Success Coach Shares Proven Strategies and Step-By-Step Action Plans You Need to Create the Life You Deserve … Personally, Professionally and Spiritually
During this powerful 70-minute call, Jack tackles your biggest questions about life … so you can create the personal, professional and spiritual life you deserve.

The Success Principles
How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be!
The Success Principles® is a roadmap for anyone—from marketing professionals to small business owners, and from teachers to students and parents—striving to achieve their professional and personal dreams and goals. Touching on every aspect of our lives, Jack Canfield offers 64 practical and inspiring principles to get any aspiring person from where they are to where they want to be. 473 pages.

The Success Principles for Teens
With Courage and Heart, Teens CAN be Succesful!

Your child is a magnet and you can show them how to attract what they want in their lives. This Vision Book is a powerful tool that will inspire them and help them to achieve their goals and dreams! Everyone wants to be successful—and today’s youth are no exception. After the massive success of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles, thousands of requests came rushing in to develop the most important success strategies for today’s teenagers. Their calls have been answered!

Even though many teens are urged to get good grades, many feel lost when it comes to setting powerful goals and creating the life they really want. Jack Canfield, co-creator of the famed Chicken Soup for the Soul series has teamed up with successful author and young entrepreneur, Kent Healy to design a fun and engaging teen-friendly book that offers the timeless information and inspiration to get from where you are to where you really want to be.

The Success Principles for Teens is a roadmap for every young person. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to become a better student or athlete, start a business, make millions of dollars, or simply find guidance and direction, the principles in this book always work, if you work the principles.

The Success Principles
How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be!

The Success Principles® is a roadmap for anyone—from marketing professionals to small business owners, and from teachers to students and parents—striving to achieve their professional and personal dreams and goals. Touching on every aspect of our lives, Jack Canfield offers 64 practical and inspiring principles to get any aspiring person from where they are to where they want to be. 473 pages.

Discover Your SOUL Purpose DVD
Discover Your Life’s Purpose with Jack Canfield and Gaiam’s Portrait of Inspiring Lives.
Transforming one book into a billion dollar empire, Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to speak about success and discovering your purpose in this new DVD brought to you by GAIAM.

PART 1: Portrait of Inspiring Lives – 52 minute interview with Lisa Garr

In an in-depth interview with host Lisa Garr, Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® phenomenon, reveals the personal experiences that shaped his life. From surviving hardships to achieving his dreams, from parenting to love and regrets, Canfield shares personal stories of transformation and practical wisdom on how to live your life’s “soul” purpose.

PART 2: Living a Life of Purpose –Live presentation with Jack Canfield

In this inspiring and informative presentation, Jack delivers invaluable principles through guided goal-setting activities, visualization techniques, and step-by-step instructions to discovering your true joy. Jack will reveal how you can grasp and pursue your unique purpose, resulting in an extraordinary life, rich with passion and meaning. (1 hour, 50 minutes)

The Success Principles LIVE! DVD
Bring Jack Canfield into Your Living Room, or Board Room, in a New DVD Program that Brings The Success Principles Alive!In this fast-paced, entertaining and powerful program, Jack will share his latest breakthrough principles and detail how you, too, can use them to rapidly achieve your goals in your career, your finances and your personal life.

How what you think makes you weak or strong
Seven key areas in creating a personal vision
Two simple questions that accelerate the achievement of your goals
How to change the outcome of any event, simply by changing your response to it
The Rule of Five for achieving your “breakthrough goal”

Jack is uniquely qualified to coach you on success. He’s devoted more than 30 years to uncovering universal principles for achieving extraordinary outcomes.

When Jack Canfield talks about perseverance, he speaks from experience. His best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series was rejected by over 144 publishers before going on to sell over 100 million copies. He’s been a teacher, facilitator, and psychotherapist. His seminars and trainings have touched millions of individuals from welfare recipients to corporate leaders. DVD bonus features include in-depth interview with Jack, audience Q&A session, and more!

Increase Success in All Areas of Your Life
with New Training, Proven Strategies and Practical Advice from Jack Canfield Each Month

I’m known as America’s #1 Success Coach … and when you join my Inner Circle Club, I’ll become your success coach, too!
As a member of the Inner Circle Club, you get access to new training resources each month. These videos, audio interviews, and teleseminars feature my best advice – the proven tools and practical strategies you can use immediately to begin creating greater success.

The Club’s curriculum focuses on a new theme each month, so you can practice applying my success principles to a single area of your life. My goal is to help you uplevel every aspect of your life… personal, professional and spiritual.
It’s Like a Live Seminar Every Month from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Success Strategies

Twice a month, Jack publishes some notes he likes to share with his friends as well as pertinent articles in how to achieve the success you are looking for. Read some of his past articles below to learn more on what you can do to get on the road to success, and sign up to receive the Success Strategies newsletter for FREE:

Starting February 2012, Jack Canfield Will Personally Mentor and Train Up to 100 Qualified Professionals to Become the Next Generation of Human-Potential Trainers!
Will One of These Select Professionals Be You?
If you qualify, Jack’s program will teach you to become a DYNAMIC SUCCESS TRAINER and equip you with the skillset, content, exercises, workshop design, training tools and the mindset necessary to get results!

(Or those who are ready to become one)

You’ve seen what success and self-esteem training can do for individuals in all walks of life… from transforming their careers, to improving their relationships, to helping them make better choices, and encouraging them to take charge of their future.

Perhaps you’ve seen the effect of this training in your own life. And now, you have an opportunity to go beyond just living these principles…

You have a chance to bring this kind of change to others!

To expand my Train the Trainer family, I’m looking for 100 passionate professionals who want to become the next generation of human potential trainers, change managers, corporate leaders and leadership consultants.

Over an intensive 9-month period, I’ll carefully train you, guide you and provide you with the skills and resources you need to become a high-quality, dynamic trainer when speaking to your students, employees, clients and others… in workshop formats, at staff meetings, via new-hire trainings, in the classroom, during one-on-one coaching sessions, or in any training setting imaginable!

I’ll teach you the details of how-to set up my powerful, experiential exercises — discussing the theory behind each strategy, revealing why it works and recommending ways to make each topic more impactful. Then, I’ll go one step further and actually walk you through conducting exercises on your own.

What Would Your Future Look Like if You Spent
7 Days Reinventing Your Life?
If you’re looking for a new level of success and achievement in your life… whether it be in your physical, financial, mental, emotional, or spiritual life… Jack Canfield can help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

For more than 40 years, Jack Canfield has been teaching Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life (and of all ages, cultures and backgrounds) how to be happier, more successful and more fulfilled in their lives.

He has helped thousands of people excel beyond their self-imposed limits… succeed after job loss, business decline and career misfortune… move beyond toxic relationships and emotionally unhealthy behaviors and finally create the life and results they desire – and he can do the same for you!

Want a downloadable public-speaking basics communication skills course that’s perfect for the first-time presenter right now for just $27.00?

Learn the fundamentals of public speaking and make oral presentations without fear. Discover the secrets of successful speech making and present with confidence quickly & easily. This course is designed for those seeking personal development & educational training to learn how to speak in public.

Becoming a better public speaker will help you to make more money, feel better about yourself, give you more free time, make you feel challenged, give you renewed purpose, and increase your confidence. This course will rid you of your public speaking problems…guaranteed!

If you are experiencing speaking anxiety our public speaking course is the answer. We’ll take away your public speaking problems quickly and easily. Rid yourself of public speaking fear today. Get relief and gain confidence.

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