Speech Fear Symptoms

Most people get nervous before they give a speech and often find themselves thinking of all the worst things that can happen. Sometimes they get psyched out if they see a particular person in the audience due to lack of self-confidence. Speech mistakes may take you off-balance and give you trouble re-centering. Sometimes people have trouble raising their energy up for a performance…or bringing their energy down to a manageable level.

Others overly criticize themselves or expect failure. Some people are perfectionists and can’t relax when giving a speech. When going on a very important job interview or preparing for a big speech that may lead to a promotion, often, the stakes are very high. You are tense and nervous because you are concerned with the outcome or result, which of course, means a better quality of life, more money, and a more successful life. The subtle mental switch must be made from the feeling of needing to do well or you will fail miserably to the desire to want to have fun while delivering your speech.

Here are some of the most common health complaints associated with Fear of Public Speaking:

Speech Fear Symptoms

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Speech Fear Symptoms Shortness Of Breath or Smothering Sensation
Speech Fear Symptoms Palpitations, Pounding Heart, or Accelerated Heart Rate
Speech Fear Symptoms Chest Pain Or Discomfort
Speech Fear Symptoms Trembling Or Shaking
Speech Fear Symptoms Feeling Of Choking
Speech Fear Symptoms Sweating
Speech Fear Symptoms Feeling Unsteady, Dizzy, Lightheaded, Or Faint
Speech Fear Symptoms Feelings Of Unreality Or Of Being Detached From Yourself
Speech Fear Symptoms Fear Of Losing Control Or Going Crazy
Speech Fear Symptoms Fear Of Dying
Speech Fear Symptoms Numbness Or Tingling Sensations
Speech Fear Symptoms Hot Or Cold Flashes
Speech Fear Symptoms Fear Of Fainting
Speech Fear Symptoms Obsessive Thoughts
Speech Fear Symptoms Constant Worrying About Speaking At An Upcoming Event
Speech Fear Symptoms Inability to Focus
Speech Fear Symptoms A Sudden Impulse To Leave The Room
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Speech Fear Symptoms Headaches Or Constant Migraines
Speech Fear Symptoms Constipation
Speech Fear Symptoms Unexplainable Lack of Energy
Speech Fear Symptoms Fear Of Looking Bad In Front Of Others
Speech Fear Symptoms Not Liking The Sound Of Your Own Voice
Speech Fear Symptoms Feeling Nervous To The Point Of Your Face Turning Red
Speech Fear Symptoms Thinking Others Are Judging How Smart You Are
Speech Fear Symptoms Not Projecting Your Voice
Speech Fear Symptoms Unable To Make Eye Contact Due To Fear
Speech Fear Symptoms Not Maintaining A Steady Voice
Speech Fear Symptoms Excessive Rambling And Using Filler Words
Speech Fear Symptoms Memory Problems
Speech Fear Symptoms Increased Craving For Simple Carbohydrates
Speech Fear Symptoms Using Too Many Gestures
Speech Fear Symptoms Jumpy Legs
Speech Fear Symptoms Feeling confused or a bit hazy
Speech Fear Symptoms Increased Need For Alcohol To Calm Your Nerves
Speech Fear Symptoms Uncontrolled Adrenaline Bursts
Speech Fear Symptoms Inability To Relax
Speech Fear Symptoms Rushing Through Your Presentation

There are millions of people who either suffer from at least one of these symptoms or literally all of these symptoms. We place enormous pressure on ourselves when we are attached to the results or outcome of our speech making.

When we are stressed we are unable to be ourselves, smiling, grounded, and centered. Instead we become nervous, anxious, and tense because our speech must be PERFECT or we will FAIL in life and business.

Fear of Public Speaking has many symptoms that can be overcome by implementing my Cure Public Speaking Fear system.  I have experienced many public speaking fear courses that just didn’t deliver the results I needed to overcome my stage fright.  My program will make you a confident and fearless presenter….guaranteed!  I’ll guide you every step of the way so that you can successfully achieve your speaking goals.
By learning from an experienced public speaking fear coach, you’ll be able to quickly and easily make the right mental changes to help you deliver a confident speech.

Public speaking, like spiders, is just one of those things that tend to inspire fear in many people.

However, it’s possible to go about overcoming public speaking fear with a few simple exercises, techniques, and proper preparation.

1. Know the purpose and objective of your speech. If you don’t know what the purpose of your own speech is, neither will your audience. It’s essential to define this as your first order of business, to start overcoming public speaking fear.

2. Get in touch with your inner public voice. By creating harmony between your inner self and your outer voice that is giving the speech in front of people, you will gain confidence and be better able to .

3. Select and organize your speech content carefully. With the time it takes for you to prepare the layout of your speech, you will also be able to get over your . A well-organized speech is easier to practice, and easier for the audience to understand.

4. Know your facts, but speak to your audience. One common mistake that speakers make is focusing too much on the sheet of paper in front of them, merely reciting a list of facts. For a successful speech, you should instead consciously speak to your audience.

5. Engage your audience.  emphasize that along with speaking to your audience comes the idea of engaging them. You could use humor, participation, or body language that draws them in.

6. Dedicate time in your schedule for speech preparation. A few minutes every night will help you gain control of your pitch, tone, body language, and other factors of your speech.

7. Practice in front of trusted colleagues. Before going up in front of your final audience, you can start overcoming public speaking fear by practicing in front of friends or colleagues.

8. Use a sense of humor. A few amusing anecdotes will make you feel more relaxed, and better capture your audience’s attention.

9. Criticism can be used in your favor. When you are given tips to improve your speech, don’t take these as a sign that you did something wrong. Instead, learn from your mistakes to improve your speech next time.

10. Boost your confidence with mental visualizations. A good way to start overcoming public speaking fear is to visualize your speech going well. This will also improve the overall presentation.

For more tips and tricks that not only help in overcoming public speaking fear, but also can help improve the outcome of your speech capabilities, websites like  offer ideal solutions. Downloadable courses help you improve your speech from the comfort of your own home.
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